Literistic gives you more time to write: exclusive buy-1-get-1 offer for Descant blog readers

I know, I know – this year you didn’t write as much as you’d promised yourself you would. Writing more, and getting published, will be the first thing on your list of New Year’s resolutions. Again. Don’t lose heart, help is on the way. We have a birthday/Christmas/seasonal gift for you, dear reader, that will recharge and reward your writing life for all of 2016.

Sign up for a year of Literistic and get a second subscription for a friend, for free. Exclusive to Descant blog readers, until December 26, 2015. Details below.


Literistic doesn’t accept advertising or sponsored listings. Website Illustrations by George Bletsis.

Literistic is a literary submissions service that replaces all the work you do on that spreadsheet you’ve carefully developed over the years. The one for which you spend hours painstakingly combing the internet for cool new journals and respected lit mags that cater to your particular genre and style of writing. On the first of each month, Literistic emails you a customized, curated list of Canadian, UK and US publications in the genres you request, as well as contests, fellowships and residency opportunities. Literistic is the writing assistant you desperately need.

A sample list (from February, 2015), looks like this.

Victoria, BC-based Founding Editors Liam Sarsfield and Jessie Jones officially launched Literistic in June, 2015, and now receive hundreds of new subscribers each month. I had a phone chat with Liam who told me that 70% of their subscribers are American fiction writers and about 25% are Canadian writers. Liam says they started out focusing on listings relevant to young, ambitious writers fresh out of MFA programs, but, says Liam, “I was wrong about who it’s for. It turns out that career writers are Literistic’s biggest proponents.” Liam, a freelance tech designer for software start-ups, says that one in twenty subscribers takes the time to email a thank you. “It’s amazing,” he told me, “because I’ve helped develop platforms that millions of people end up using, but I never heard from any of them!”

Follow Literistic on Twitter @literistic.

Follow Literistic on Twitter @literistic.

Liam and partner Jessie Jones, who also works full-time outside of her work on Literistic, now have the curation down to a fine art. It’s still mostly compiled manually. Liam says that Jessie does the lion’s share of the work to find new publications for the lists: “Jessie is the kind of person who is up on everything literary. Like last year when I mentioned a new book I was going to read, it turned out she’d read it the year before.”

The last week and a half of each month Jessie and Liam spend their nights and weekends updating their massive database. What subscribers receive is a chronological list of upcoming deadlines, according to requested genres. This not only leaves you with more hours to write, but provides clear incentives. Especially if you tick off “paid submissions” for your list.


“The list is elegant, simple and immaculately organized. Its listings are diverse but thoughtful, comprehensive but not overwhelming. Best of all, the listings that you’ll receive are based on your subscriber preferences.”

Literistic is offering a buy-one-get-one deal to Descant blog readers. Subscribe to a year of Literistic and you will also get a year’s subscription for a friend, at no charge. It will cost you $38 for a year of personally curated lists (about a dime a day). In the new year the cost is going up to $48, so subscribing now is a good idea anyway.

Sign up here, then send Literistic an email ( to say you read about the deal on the Descant blog, and give them the name and email of the friend you’d like to sign up for free.

This offer ends December 26th, 2015, so, writers, don’t procrastinate (heh heh).

Let Literistic help you find relevant publications, manage deadlines and begin each month with an inspirational email that will nip at your heels while holding your hand. Writing well is hard enough. Do what successful business people do: hire good help.


“We have to continually be jumping off cliffs and developing our wings on the way down.” Kurt Vonnegut, advice to writers.



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