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Awards & Press


Descant's Adam Hosinger received a Silver Medal award at the 2010 National Magazine Awards

2010 Fiction, Silver Medal 
Adam Hosinger "Silence"
(which appeared in Descant 145, Summer 2009: Vol 40, No 2)

Descant also received 'Honourable Mentions' at the 2006 National Magazine Awards in the following two categories:

2006 Poetry, Honourable Mention 
P.K. Page "Up the Amazon: 1959"; "Mexico: 1960" 
(which appeared in Descant 130, Fall 2005: Vol 36, No 3)

2006 Words & Pictures, Honourable Mention
Larry Frolick, Donald Weber, Karen Mulhallen "Kebabistan—The Woman with Seven Heads"
(which appeared in Descant 131, Winter 2005: Vol 36, No 4)


A list of previous Descant NMAs:

2004 Poetry, Honourable Mention
Helen Kuk for "Scarborough, ON" 
(which appeared in Descant 125, Summer 2004: Vol 35, No 2)

2004 Essays, Honourable Mention
Ryan Bigge for "The New Geographers"
(which appeared in Descant 125, Summer 2004: Vol 35, No 2)

2004 Essays, Honourable Mention
Modris Eksteins for "A Winter in Provence"
(which appeared in Descant 124, Spring 2004: Vol 35, No 1)

2003 Poetry, Honourable Mention
Eleni Zisimatos Auerbach "Spoilage"
(which appeared in Descant 117, Summer 2002: Vol 33, No 2)

1998 Editorial Package (sponsored by Indas Limited) 
awarded to Karen Mulhallen/ Descant

1997 Fiction, Honourable Mention 
Kathryn Woodward
(which appeared in Descant 97, Summer 1997: Vol 28, No 2)

1996 Fiction, Honourable Mention 
Gilbert Reid
(which appeared in Descant 94, Fall 1996: Vol 27, No 3)

1989 Fiction 
Douglas Glover "Story Carved in Stone"
(which appeared in Descant 62, Fall 1988: Vol 19, No 3)

1983 du Maurier Awards for Poetry 
Gwendolyn MacEwen
(which appeared in Descant 42, Fall 1983: Vol 14, No 4)

The Writers' Trust of Canada/McClelland & Stewart Journey Prize is awarded annually to a new and developing writer of distinction for a short story published in a Canadian literary publication. The $10,000 Journey Prize is the most significant monetary award given in Canada to a writer at the beginning of his or her career for a short story or excerpt from a fiction work-in-progress.

A list of Descant-related Journey Prize nominations:


2006/ The Journey Prize Stories #18
Craig Boyko, "The Baby"
(originally appearing in Descant 131) 


2005/ The Journey Prize Stories #17
Randy Boyagoda, "Rice and Curry Yacht Club"
(originally appearing in Descant 125) 
Krista Bridge, "A Matter of Firsts"
(originally appearing in Descant 126) 
  2003/ The Journey Prize Stories #15
S.K. Johannesen, "Resurrection"
(originally appearing in Descant 118) 
  2002/ The Journey Prize Stories #14
Robert McGill, "The Stars Are Falling"
(originally appearing in Descant 115) 

  Descant recently held a Live Auction at our Spring 2006 Launch for an original hand-drawn cartoon by Margaret Atwood. This item (framed in metal with single-diamond glass and matted with acid free paper) brought in a respectable $1300 for the magazine! 

Thanks to all those who participated in this auction.

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